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University of Johannesburg (2018)

Understanding the factors that influence wastewater reuse

Zondo, Nhlanhla

Titre : Understanding the factors that influence wastewater reuse

Auteur : Zondo, Nhlanhla

Université de soutenance : University of Johannesburg


Résumé partiel
There is an increasing pressure in South Africa’s water resources and the problem of water scarcity is not only affected by the growing demand, but is also due to inappropriate water management. This study seeks to understand the risk factors that influence the wastewater reuse and the mitigation strategies employed in reducing such risk. If the risks involved in the reuse of wastewater are understood in depth, they could lead to better water management, and more wide spread in the reuse of wastewater which will have a positive outcome in the preservation of this scarce resource. It is understood that current fresh water sources are inadequate to cater for the demands and the future growth. However, despite an increase in the water scarce countries, it appears as if there is reluctance in implementing reuse schemes. Furthermore, the decision to implement wastewater reuse will be taken based on many considerations, the primary one being the risks to public health. The aim of this research is to determine the risk factors that influence the reuse of wastewater, assess the extent of importance of each risk factor, and determine the mitigation strategies thus wastewater reuse could be better understood and managed. This study comprises of a brief background of the research, a detailed literature review by examination of related literature and research that has been conducted by other authors. The review covered the introduction of wastewater reuse, the history of reuse, the amount of water that could be reused, lessons learned from both successful and failed water reuse projects, risk factors influencing wastewater reuse and also mitigation strategies. A sample was used on this study, with a target population of employees from the South African water utilities, ranging from middle to senior management positions. A stratified sampling technique used for this survey, where strata was defined across the different key strategic departments of the water utilities such as operations, projects support, project planning and capital project in order to accomplish a decent representation of all relevant departments. The survey results were then analysed and presented with summary, conclusions and recommendations drawn from the study findings


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