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University of Pretoria (2019)

The Retrofit and Regeneration of local vernacular

Veldsman, Karla

Titre : The Retrofit and Regeneration of local vernacular

Auteur : Veldsman, Karla

Université de soutenance : University of Pretoria

Grade : Master 2019

Historic Towns, such as Graaff-Reinet, have a long history. The genius loci of the architecture within the town fosters a critical reflection of the past. The preservation and conservation of architecturally significant towns within South Africa plays an increasingly assertive role in the unbalanced urban growth and the future development of these towns. Because of the dynamic nature of our cities, current urban development is a mounting threat to the survival and preservation of the historical towns’ unique urban environment, cultural landscape, place, architecture and the community who currently inhabit these towns (Corten et al., 2014 : 21 ; McLachlan, 2010 : 58). This dissertation investigates architecture’s role as regenerator within the management of vulnerable heritage sites in sensitive urban heritage environments. Regenerative design is used to interpret place and serve as the mediator between urban conservation and sustainable strategies, in order to explore the potential of sustainable heritage within place. The regenerative design practices explore the relationship between sustainable community development, vulnerable heritage management and environmental potential. In doing so, the exploration hopes to achieve a concentrated development framework that assists with the improvement of vulnerable heritage management within the context. Market square in the town of Graaff-Reinet, is the investigated case study with the architectural intention of developing a framework for further application and investigatio


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