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Nelson Mandela University (2020)

Constraints in attainment of sustainable human settlements at Kwamaphumulo Local Municipality

Sikhosana, Phindokuhle

Titre : Constraints in attainment of sustainable human settlements at Kwamaphumulo Local Municipality

Auteur : Sikhosana, Phindokuhle

Université de soutenance : Nelson Mandela University

Grade : Master of Science in Construction Management 2020

This study sought to investigate the constraints in the attainment of sustainable human settlement in KwaMaphumulo Local Municipality at iLembe District in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The aim of this study was to investigate the constraints that limit the achievement of the ideal of sustainable human settlement development in the KwaMaphumulo Local Municipality. Furthermore, the study sought to determine the impact of these constraints on sustainable development and to proffer measures that can be taken to combat stagnant or underdevelopment in the area. A mixed-method approach is followed in this study, which considers a triangulation of quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis and interpretation techniques. It is important to note that in the past years since South Africa became a democratic country, there have been countless efforts with regard to overcoming the problems created during the apartheid era. These problems stemmed from a distorted spatial, social, economic and political background that was advocated by both segregationist public policies and the planning systems of the Apartheid Regime. In recent years, South African cities have also been faced with environmental issues, which are imperative to the future development of the country. With all these issues in mind, we see that the many efforts that are put in place by government always fall short of solving the problems. This research report looked at the constraints that affect the KwaMaphumulo Local Municipality in attaining sustainable human settlements and whether the efforts of redistribution and equality have been enough to overcome the problems. The key findings of the study were that constraints in attaining sustainable human settlements in the KwaMaphumulo Local Municipality negatively impacts on the development in the area. The level of services being provided is poor. There is an apparent disconnect between traditional leaders and the municipality councillor as development management and vision are concerned. Furthermore, the development programmes and projects do not seem to address the critical needs of the community. Housing development is narrow minded with a focus on the top structure and a failure to include basic services and infrastructure. Houses built that are 6 financed by subsidies are of poor quality. The latter situation results in more able‐ bodied, skilled and capable people emigrating to developed areas.

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