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Universidad de Salamanca (2015)

Análisis de biodiversidad en Castilla y León mediante SIG

Medeiros, Cristian Madeira de

Titre : Análisis de biodiversidad en Castilla y León mediante SIG

Auteur : Medeiros, Cristian Madeira de

Université de soutenance : Universidad de Salamanca

Grade : Máster en Biología y Conservación de la Diversidad, 2015

Biodiversity can be synthetically defined as the variability of living organisms and ecological systems that they are include. As a result of the current global environmental degradation, this biodiversity is suffering a material impairment, so it becomes necessary to design effective strategies in order to act on all fronts to try to preserve it, and in this way, we wrote this study. Here, we tested a novel methodology with a wide spectrum on the field of Bioinformatics, which is the combination between Geographic Information System (SIG) and Ecological Niche Model. Specifically, these tools have been used for the analysis of Castilla y León biodiversity, in relation to two very different groups of organisms : vascular plants and amphibians. Our results suggests to geographic patterns of richness distribution in the study area, which allow us to hypothesize about possible causes. Similarly, in the case of flora species, it has been possible to assess the degree of protection of the proposed Micro-reserves for the species with special interest.

Mots clés  : Sistemas de Información Geográfica (GIS) Plantas de especial interés Anfibios Castilla y León Conservación Biodiversidad Modelos de nichos ecológicos Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


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