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Aligarh Muslim University (1989)

Development of agricultural sector in Iran since 1962

Bozorgzad, Ahmad Ali

Titre : Development of agricultural sector in Iran since 1962

Auteur : Bozorgzad, Ahmad Ali

Université de soutenance : Aligarh Muslim University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics 1989

Résumé partiel
The present research work discusses the development of agriculture and the process of development in Iranian economy. The concentration has been on the various measures taken for purpose of improvement in agriculture and its increasing role in the economic development of nation. The level and nature of the agricultural development and the objectives of planning in agriculture under various plans have been thoroughly examined Institutional reforms, extent of efficiency in the utilization of inputs and optimization of the benefits of agricultural operation have also been studied. The present work has been pursued in the framework of environmental factors accompanied by technological and institutional mechanism. Thus the effort has been made to include different main dimensions of the problem of development of agriculture sector in Iran since 1962. Iran is traditionally an agricultural country. During the period 1962-79 Iranian economy achieved, on an average, a very high economic growth rate of 10.2 per cent per annum which was normally higher than the growth rates in its neighbouring countries. Agriculture has always played a very important role in the Iranian economy in terms of providing employment and contribution to gross domestic product. The share of agriculture in GDP during 1962-67 was 109.78 billion Rials (US $ 1.6 billion) and had risen to 156.5 billion Rials (US $ 2.3 billion) during 1968-73, while during 1974-79 it rose to 453.7 billion Rials (US $ 6.5 billion) but during 1980-84 (after the Revolution) GDP rose to 1830.7 billion Rials (US $ 22.3 billion). Out of the total surface area of 165 million hectares, 18.5 million hectares is under cultivation, out of which about 5.3 million hectares is actually irrigated. The rest of the land which is towards the western part of the country is known for rain-dependent agriculture.

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