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Aligarh Muslim University (1986)

Regional analysis of dry farming in Western Rajasthan

Qureshi, Salahuddin

Titre : Regional analysis of dry farming in Western Rajasthan

Auteur : Qureshi, Salahuddin

Université de soutenance : Aligarh Muslim University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography 1986

Dry farming is the way of faming without irrigation, generally is the continental latarlara of the tropical and subtropical land* where evaporation greatly exceeds precipitation and rainfall la highly a eat for dry land faming la aatlnatai to ha 250-500 as la winter rainfall araaa and around 500 an la aaamer rainfall araaa, fha fourth BITO Tear Plan definee dry faming araaa aa thoaa which recelre w annual rainfall ranging from 375 an to 1125 am and with -vary United Irrigation facility, Bowerer, tha average annual rainfall alonay cannot ha oonaidarad a aatlafantory parameter for delimiting dry faralag araaa* 2a fact, tha aridity Indleaa and tha water availability ptrloda daring tha cropping aaaaoa say ha aora effective and rafinad techniques for tha dtlialtatlon of auoh araaa which anooapaaa tha arid and aaai-arid part* on daaart aarglna* £oa inadequacy and uncertalaity of rainfall often cause partial or complete failure of crop* landing to recurring iioaroity and area famine. Great flnetuatlone la production occur. Dry faratng la Weetern Bajaataaa facte any more eerere probleme than it deea la any other part of the country. Tht water problem hara la acuta and jonditiane tend to beeoae Tinnmnageable towarde tha veatem real* of tba araa.

Mots clés : Regional, Dry Farming, Western Rajasthan, Nevertheless, Temperatures

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