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Banaras Hindu University (2014)

Study of the Impact of land use change on c dynamics in dry tropics

Singh, Mahesh Kumar

Titre : Study of the Impact of land use change on c dynamics in dry tropics

Auteur : Singh, Mahesh Kumar

Université de soutenance : Banaras Hindu University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Botany 2014

Land use change not only has impact on climate change but also on the dynamics of soil organic matter, biodiversity, the change in ecosystem services in general and specifically the tropical soils since they are nutrient limited and highly weathered. The degradation rate of natural tropical forest, that covers 7% of the earth surface, is approximatly 15.4 million ha y-1 in the tropics. Excessive harvesting for timber and/or non timber forest products, cattle grazing and changes in land use pattern, are the major determinants of land degradation that in turn, not only changes the soil quality and vegetation pattern but also severely delays or even totally inhibit restoration of the natural forest. Degraded forest becomes entirely different from the natural forests both in terms of soil quality and the vegetation cover. The cultivation of natural forests for raising crops is very common in the dry tropics owing to excessive pressure of population rise. Agroecosystems are being manipulated by anthropogenic inputs to maximize the crop yields, and considered one of the major causes of land use change. Serious concerns have been raised for the restoration of degraded forests, which itself is a great challenge. Any restoration strategy is considered successful if it fulfills not only the environmental but also the social and economic sustainability. Among the several strategies, biofuel plantation is considered the ideal measure for restoration of degraded lands. Although lot of studies concerned the economic aspects of biofuel production, little information is available on its role in the restoration of degraded lands, especially in the dry tropics. newline

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