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Centurion University of Technology and Management (2019)

Non Edible Vegetable Oils as Sources of Renewable Energy for Diesel Engines

Mohapatra, S.B.

Titre : Non Edible Vegetable Oils as Sources of Renewable Energy for Diesel Engines

Auteur : Mohapatra, S.B.

Université de soutenance : Centurion University of Technology and Management

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2019

Energy demand round the globe is ever increasing commensurate to prolific citification, newlineopulent living style and accelerating population. At this juncture when society is mindful of newlinethe depleting reserves of petroleum fuels over and above the atmospheric hazardous pollution, newlineit has become plausible that vegetable based sustainable clean energy is predestined to make a newlinesignificant contribution to the future energy demands of the household and industrial plant newlineeconomies. Using crop-based (edible) vegetable oils to produce sustainable energy aimed at newlineincreasing the bulk of enfeebled-carbon fuels would degenerate the appetite in indigent newlinenations by elevating the global food prices and jeopardizing local food security in fast newlinegrowing nations. Therefore, production of sustainable clean energy from non-edible potential newlinevegetable oils is an impressive way to overbear all the problems associated with edible newlinevegetable oils. Fast growing nations like India rely extremely on crude petroleum oil newlineaccountable to 125 Mt per annum (7:1 diesel/gasoline). Petroleum based diesel being the newlineimperative source of transportation fuel in India, finding an apposite, clean and sustainable newlinesource of energy other than diesel is an urgent need. Uncompromised emission standards in newlineextension to the declining petroleum reserves have created urgency for delving an alternative newlinesource of energy for diesel engines. Fast growing countries like India have a dearth in edible newlineoil supply and the nation has to depend up to 40% outsourcing and use of edible oils for newlineenergy production is ruled out. Therefore harnessing energy from non-edible vegetable oils is newlineof overriding importance in India. newlineFuelling naturally aspirated diesel engines with non-edible vegetable oils outgrowths to newlinesignificant decrease in un-brunt hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, sulphur newlinedioxide and particulate matters, and meliorates the combustion quality even when used in newlineadditive package with the petroleum diesel.

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