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Cochin University of Science and Technology (1991)

Studies on space-time variabilities of hydrometeorological parameters over Kerala state

James, M E

Titre : Studies on space-time variabilities of hydrometeorological parameters over Kerala state

Auteur : James, M E

Université de soutenance : Cochin University of Science and Technology

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Meteorology 1991

The spatial and temporal variabilities of some hydrometeorological parameters over the State have been analysed in the present study. The thesis consists of six Chapters including the introduction. The first section of the Second Chapter explains the concepts of hydrologic cycle and water balance, various methods of estimation of potential evapotranspiration, book-keeping procedure of water balance of Thornthwaite (1948) and the various applications of water balance techniques. The second section of this Chapter is mainly concerned with the applications of time series analysis in climatology. Various techniques such as power spectrum analysis, Mann-Kendall statistic test, Student’s t-test and filtering methods which are employed to reveal the temporal variations in time series have been discussed. An exhaustive and relevant review of various techniques of hydrometeorological studies are cited in this Chapter. The third Chapter consists of a discussion of the important physicoclimatic features of Kerala State. The location and extent, physiography, drainage, soil type, agricultural pattern and land-use systems over the State are explained in the first section, while details about rainfall, temperature, wind and humidity which form the climatological features are discussed in the second. The seasonal and annual distributions of normal water parameters namely rainfall, potential evapotranspiration, balance actual evapotranspiration, water surplus, water deficit, surface flow, underground flow and total discharge over the State have been mapped and discussed to present a broad picture of hydro-climatic background of the region in the fourth Chapter. The spatial distribution of various indices derived from the water balance procedure, such as moisture adequacy index, aridity index, humidity index, and moisture index have also been presented. Classification of climates of Kerala based on Thornthwaite’s scheme has also been depicted in this Chapter. The fifth Chapter deals with the time series analysis of rainfall, actual evapotranspiration, water deficit and water surplus over the State as revealed by spectrum analysis and trend aspects as indicated by MannKendall statistic, Student’s t-test and low pass filtering techniques. The sixth Chapter comprises the summary of the study and conclusions about the spatial and temporal variation of hydroclimatic parameters over the State.

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