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Gujarat University (1992)

Studies in geochemistry of soils and waters of Gujarat

Mehta,B P

Titre : Studies in geochemistry of soils and waters of Gujarat

Auteur : Mehta,B P

Université de soutenance : Gujarat University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1992

The thesis has been mainly divided into two parts. Chapter-3, Chapter-4 and Chapter-5 describe geochemical studies pertaining to waters, while Chapter-6, Chapter-7 and Chapter-8 describe geophysical chemistry of soils and related aspects. In Chapter-1 the various geochemical and geophysical chemistry aspects have been narrated together with studies by previous workers. In this Chapter a review has been given on the geochemistry of soils and ground waters in Gujarat. Xn the Chapter of^ introduction, the work done b ;y various workers has been extensively reviewed. The special attention on geochemical types of waters, soil-water relationship etc have been given. The Chapter is a literature survey in the field of studies in geochemistry. In Chapter-2 the various samples of ground waters, soils and Sabarmati river used for the study have been described and the methods of analyses of soil and water (including instrumental methods) have been indicated. Standard methods of analyses were followed. For isomorphous replacement the samples of teeth and bones were collected from Dental Hospital and Civil Hospital of Ahmedabad City.

Mots clés : Geochemistry Hydraulic Oil-Fields Sabarmati Salinity Soils Tube-Wells Waters

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