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Gujarat University (1985)

Studies in saline alkali soils and waters kutch district

Tanwani, Hasmatrai T

Titre : Studies in saline alkali soils and waters kutch district

Auteur : Tanwani, Hasmatrai T

Université de soutenance : Gujarat University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1985

Saline and allcali soils occupy twenty five percent of total land. Salinity may be due to various origins. Gujarat State is a plain vmere thirty lakh acre land is saline, saline-alkali, or alkali. There is an old sea intrustion in Kutch and North Gujarat. Nal lake is remanant · of old sea. North Gujarat, Kutch Saurashtra have salinity due to arid climate as well as saline water irrigation practice. There are huge tracts of saline land due to over irrigation by canal waters with high sodi urn carbonate making a soil, alkaline after 4-5 years for irrigation. Thus the problem of salinity has assumed an alarming significance in Gujarat State vri thin last 15 years. The present work deals with the above aspects and has been divided into eight chapters. Study area, Kutch district, is the second largest district in India with a total geographical area of 45612 Km2 • It falls in the arid zone covering western part of the country and forms the north-western part of Gujarat State. Kutch region was originally believed to be an island which has later risen as a piece of land which takes its name from its geographical character- i sties and topographical features resembling a tortoise. It has a long coastal lineg large cattle population, fairly extensive mineral resources and vast agricultural land, but low density of population due to frequent drought and scarcity of freru1 water. Therefore, it is unattractive to industrialization. Under these circumstances, economically, it is most backward district of Gujarat State. In Chapter (I), problem of salinity of arid land of Kutch has been discussed.

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