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University of Calcutta (1994)

Use of tree leaves as sources of biomass for biogas production and manure

Raychaudhuri, Sachidulal

Titre : Use of tree leaves as sources of biomass for biogas production and manure

Auteur : Raychaudhuri, Sachidulal

Université de soutenance : University of Calcutta

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Agriculture 1994

Résumé :
Anaerobic digestion was carried out in a laboratory setup consisting of 1 to E litres of digesters and a collecting device for the gas produced. The temperature was maintained generally at 30 + 3°C with the help of electric lamps, placed close to the digesters. Dried and broken leaves were mixed with cowdung and water in suitable proportions according to the requirement of total solids concentrations. The inoculum was provided either by fresh cowdung or by slurry from a running digester. Gas production was measured every five days for 55 days. The gas consists essentially of methane and carbon dioxide, the proportions of which vary according to the progress of the reaction. Initially carbon dioxide dominates but later on methane is produced in larger proportions. The volume of carbon dioxide was measured as usual by absorption in alkali. Of the samples subabul and akasmoni leaves with cowdung (1:1 by weight) produced 335 and 395 litres of biogas per kg of total solids respectively which surpassed the gas production by cowdung (20*+) alone and also sirish (27 + 3°C>. The samples of eucalyptus, sissoo and water hyacinth produced very little gas. These three specimens were pretreated in order to remove any protective material or toxic substance present in them. All the three were treated with 3*/. NaOH and 3*/. H^SO^, in addition eucalyptus was refluxed with 7014 ethanol whereas watesr hyacinth was kept 20 days under partially anaerobic condition. These materials washed free from reagents, were put into the digesters. There is hardly any improvement in gas production ort treatment with acid and alkali but ethanol refluxed eucalyptus and partially digested water hyacinth did show some improvement but not comparable with the other samples.

The digester materials used in the present investigation for biogas production are the following. Leucaana JaucocapbaJa (Subabul) Acacia auriculiformis (Akasmoni) DaJbargia sissoo (Sissoo) AJbizia labbek (Sirish) Eucalyptus Hater hyacinth Paddy straw Cowdung

Mots clés : Biogas Biomass Manure Production Source

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