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Guru Nanak Dev University (2014)

Digitalization and Palynological Studies of Trees and Shrubs of Amritsar City

Gurveen Kaur

Titre : Digitalization and Palynological Studies of Trees and Shrubs of Amritsar City

Auteur : Gurveen Kaur

Université de soutenance : Guru Nanak Dev University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2014

Résumé partiel
The present study was planned to create a digital database of trees and shrubs of Amritsar city and study pollen morphology and viability of some trees and shrubs of this region. The database structure was prepared using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Seven different tables namely family_master, feedback_master, grid_master, grid_wise_plant_list, plant_master, pic_labels and password_master were prepared to store and manage the data of the database. These tables have been linked to each other with the primary and foreign keys to reduce the data redundancy. Hyperlinks for the eDOTS_GNDUBG and eDOTS_ASR have been provided giving the information of the trees and shrubs diversity available at Guru Nanak Dev University Botanical Garden and Amritsar respectively. For the eDOTS_ASR, three search options i.e. plant wise, family wise and location wise have been given. Browsing any of the search options will finally take us to the html file of a particular plant. For listing of the trees and shrubs available at Amritsar, grid map based survey was done. GPS was used to survey each and every cell of the grid map and trees and shrubs growing there were identified on the basis of their vegetative and reproductive characters. They were also compared with the herbarium specimens of the Department ; herbaria of Punjabi university, Patiala ; Forest Research Institute, Dehradun and consultation of earlier works of renowned scientists. Herbarium specimens and also fruits, seeds and barks were preserved and submitted to the herbarium of the Department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences. The photographs of the areas visited and of the different parts/views of the plants were also taken. The detailed morphological features of each plant including leaf, flower, calyx, corolla, androecium, fruits etc. were observed and noted. This morphological information and the information on the family, nature, plant distribution, flowering and fruiting time, common names, economic importance and gardening notes of each species were added to the database. The morphological information was supported by photographs of each part and the minute details of the species which will help even a layman also to identify any plant species. The organization of information in a series of tables linked to one another by keys makes eDOTS user-friendly and availability of different retrieval ways make the use of database easy by different users according to their needs. To ensure data integrity, pull-down lists have been developed for all genera, species and families added to this database. eDOTS at present provides list of 191 plant species belonging to 65 families of phanerogams of Amritsar city. Among 191 plant species listed in the database (eDOTS), detailed information of 60 trees and shrubs growing in the Guru Nanak Dev University Botanical Garden was compiled for my M.Phil thesis. The present thesis compiles detailed information on 60 more species of trees and shrubs of Amritsar.

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