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Himachal Pradesh University (1988)

Role of amino acids in drought physiology

Singh, Kiran Vir

Titre : Role of amino acids in drought physiology

Auteur : Singh, Kiran Vir

Université de soutenance : Himachal Pradesh University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Botany 1988

Looking to all these information, that exogenous amino acids could significantly affect membrane properties, the present attempt is direct-to explore their role further in cellular activities. Present thesis attempts this in two distinct ways. 1. Observations that amino acids can affect water transfer across the membrane, led to studies on their effects on seed geraiination, since imbibition and uptake of water is a prerequisite for seed to germinate. 2. Pronounced effects on seed germination could only partly be due to effect on water uptake, therefore, it was also checked if these could affect the activities of hydrolysing
- 29 enzymes viz« » amylase and protease. Seed germination is already known to be intimately related to activities of these enzymes.

Mots clés : Ambience of life, Food, Drought, Rainfall, Nature

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