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Himachal Pradesh University (2002)

Nature and magnitude of rural farm and non_farm employment in Himachal Pradesh _ a study of Mandi district

Devi, Ramna

Titre : Nature and magnitude of rural farm and non_farm employment in Himachal Pradesh _ a study of Mandi district

Auteur : Devi, Ramna

Université de soutenance : Himachal Pradesh University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics 2002

Préface partielle
Unemployment problem in India is not only complicated but also becoming very explosive. Ever growing unemployment with its attendant evil effects has become one of the enduring and undesirable inheritance for a developing country like India. The existence of idle labour has become the essential characteristic of the Indian economy. These laborers neither get the opportunity of becoming fully productive nor they are in a position to secure any gainful employment. On an average we can see that every third man in our country or of our working employable force in cities, towns and rural areas is idle or unemployed. His non-utilization for a long time in constructive channels of nation building poses a problem and remains always a potential danger to our country. In our country people are not unemployed but also underemployed. There are so many studies which have been conducted on employment/ unemployment at the national level. But for sub-continent like India with widely varying demographic, educational, cultural, topographic and employment patterns, it is not sufficient to study the problem only at the national level. Hence, the disaggregated intensive study of the problem on regional basis by size class of holding will always be helpful in order to know the nature and magnitude of the problem in particular region and thereby in suggesting a policy package for the solution of the problem with reference to local conditions, requirements and resource based of the area under study. The present study comprises of nine chapters. Chapter- I deals with an over view of employment and unemployment in India, state level of Himachal, the overview of economy of Himachal Pradesh and the milieu of the .study area. The review of related studies on the nature and magnitude of employment and unemployment at natioiuil as well as state level of Himachal Pradesh has been discussed in Chapter-ll. Chapter-Ill deals with the objectives, methodology, definition of concepts, tools and techniques applied to analyze the data. Chapter-IV gives an overview of the demographic and socioeconomic profde of the sample households. The distribution pattern of household assets has been described in Chapter-V. Chapter-VI deals with the nature and magnitude of household employment and unemployment, whereas, the pattern of household income has been presented in Chapter-VII. The magnitude of poverty as a measure of unemployment has been discussed in Chapter-VIII. Chapter-IXdeals with the summary and conclusion of the empiricalfindings as well as the suggestions for creating more gainful employment opportunities in the study area.

Mots clés : Literature on employment, Sampling procedure, Demographic profile, Consumer units, Pattern of land

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