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Maharaja Ganga Singh University (2009)

Study of phytodiversity of Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan

Bhatia, Rohitash Kumar

Titre : Study of phytodiversity of Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan

Auteur : Bhatia, Rohitash Kumar

Université de soutenance : Maharaja Ganga Singh University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2009

The Hanumangarh district has remained more or less neglected as far as floral surveys are concerned. The important aspects of study include : (1) Survey of major places of District for 2 years in different seasons, collections of plant material particularly Angiosperms. (2) Preparation of herbarium sheets. (3) Maintenance of herbarium, especially prepared for phytodiversity of Hanumangarh District. (4) Authentication of the collected plants from various states and National herbaria. (5) Medicinal value of various plants, if any use for local people of the District. (6) Providing means of identification to the flora components from family to infra-specific level through keys and diagnostic descriptions. (7) Standardization of nomenclature of plants according to the ICBN, along with local names (8) Determination of the Phytodiversity and sketch of biological spectrum. (9) The outcome of this study will be a valuable document for taxonomic study, for P.G. student & research scholar.

Mots clés : Geology Hanumangarh Life Sciences,Plant and Animal Science,Plant Sciences Photodiversity Rainfall Soils

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