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Karnatak University (2001)

Municipal administration in Karnataka a case study of Hubli Dharwad municipal corporation

Talawar, S P

Titre : Municipal administration in Karnataka a case study of Hubli Dharwad municipal corporation

Auteur : Talawar, S P

Université de soutenance : Karnatak University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science 2001

Plan of the study
The proposed study is organised into seven chapters
I) The first chapter entitled "Introduction and methodology" deals with the meaning, definition, growth, importance, historical background and the present position of local self government as well as urban local government in India in general and Karnataka in particular.
II) The subsequent chapter entitled "Organisational and Functional Dynamics of Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation" pertains to the constitutional and operative machinery of municipal administration. As such, it critically discusses the constitution of Municipal Corporation, tenure of the corporation, the standing committees, the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the Commissioner etc. This chapter touches upon organisational aspects of urban local government, especially municipal corporations, in Karnataka. In addition, the functional analysis of urban local government institutions has also been discussed.
III) In the Third Chapter, an attempt has been made to discuss the Municipal leadership, socio-economic background of political leaders, factors determining leadership, emerging pattern of urban leadership, urban leaders and political parties, party affiliation, as well as the inter-personal relationship between officials and non-officials.
IV) The Municipal Finance Constitutes the fourth Chapter. It concentrates on the financial aspects of the Corporation, which includes income and expenditure pattern, resource mobilisation, accounting budgeting, auditing and other allied matters.
V) The fifth chapter discusses planning and development works of the Corporation. The Municipal Planning process is dealt in detail.
VI) The Sixth chapter discusses the problems and prospects of Municipal government. An attempt is made to highlight some of the perennial problems faced by the municipal corporation and suggested satisfactory solutions to these problems.
The last Chapter indicates a summary of the major findings, conclusions and suggestions for the improvement and reformation of the municipal system. This chapter is followed by an appendix and a select bibliography. Présentation et version intégrale (Shodhganga)

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