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Kurukshetra University (2015)

Watershed management in mahendergarh district haryana

Mehra, Gulshan

Titre : Watershed management in mahendergarh district haryana

Auteur : Mehra, Gulshan

Université de soutenance : Kurukshetra University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography 2015

The study has been divided into six chapters. Each chapter deals with the different aspects of watershed management in Mahendergarh district, Haryana. Chapter I is deal with the general introduction of the study, contextualisation of problem, geographical setting of the study area, objective of the study, data base and sample design and methodology. Chapter II presents a review of literature. In this chapter the literature on the aspects related to management of land resource, watershed approach in ground water storage enhancement, land capability studies and watershed programmes and its socio-economic impact have been reviewed. Chapter III deals with watershed characterisation, delineation of micro-watershed and codification of micro-watersheds. Chapter IV discusses the existing landuse pattern and temporal change over period of time in study area and also how far the land is suitable for present crop selection i.e. land suitability for suitable development. Chapter V presents the present status of land resources in terms of irrigation, cropping pattern, agricultural productivity and other economic activities like livestock in selected microwatersheds of sample study area. Chapter VI explains the government intervention regarding watershed development programmes in selected micro-watersheds. Chapter VII presents summary of conclusions.

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