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Maharaja Ganga Singh University (2007)

Phytochemical studies of medicinally important desert tree in vivo and in vitro

Rao, Hans Raj

Titre : Phytochemical studies of medicinally important desert tree in vivo and in vitro

Auteur : Rao, Hans Raj

Université de soutenance : Maharaja Ganga Singh University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2007

Few workers have reported the increase in flavonoids content by feeding the tissues with different concentration of phenylalanine and consequently have reported it as the precursors of flavonoids. Effect of phenylalanine on flavonoids production has been studied in tissue cultures of Tribulus terrestris (Saluja, 1981), Agave wightU (Shaima, 1982), Lycium barbamm (Shekhawat, 1985 ; Mukhi, 1995), Gossypium cultivars (Kaur, 1997 ; Goyal, 1997), Peganum harmala (Badia, 1999), Vigna aconidfoUa (Nag and Tyagi, 2002), Spirodela intermedia (Gitz, et al, 2004), Cassia angusttfoUa (Reddy, 2005), Balanites aegypHca (Bedawat, 2006). This led me to conduct work on production of flavonoids in various plant parts of A excelsa in vivo as compared to its tissue culture. Effect of incorporation of dl-B - ph^ylalanine m cultures oiA. excelsa has also been studied with respect to flavonoid production in the cultures. Thus plants of A, excelsa collected fix)m three different sites (60 to 70 km in three directions from Bikaner city) and established unorganized tissue were analyzed for comparative studies of primary and secondary metabolites under following chapters : Chapter I- Plant description Cht^ter II- Mineral contents of A, excelsa Chapto- III- Establishment of unorganized tissue Chapter IV- In vivo and in vitro protein content of ^4. excelsa Chapter V - Chlorophyll pigments of-<4. excelsa in vivo and in vitro Chaqpter VI- Endogenous ascorbic acid in vivo and in vitro Chapter VII- Identification and estimation of phytosterols in vivo and in vitro Chapter VIII- Identification and estimation of flavonoids in vivo and in vitro Chapter DC- Screening offlavonoids for antimicrobial activity Chapter X- Effect of phenylalanine on flavonoid production

Mots clés : Ascorbic acid Desert Flavonoids Life Sciences,Plant and Animal Science,Plant Sciences Medicinally Phytochemical

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