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Maharshi Dayanand University (2003)

Levels of living of marginal farmers in rural Haryana

Narain, Om

Titre : Levels of living of marginal farmers in rural Haryana

Auteur : Narain, Om

Université de soutenance : Maharshi Dayanand University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics 2003

The main objectives of the proposed study are to analyses the levels of living of M.F. in rural areas of Haryana. The aim is to study the source, composition and patterns of income and consumption of M.F. in differentially developed district of Haryana. It will examine the factors, which led to the change in their income levels. In addition an attempt will be made to study the assets and liabilities of the marginal farmers and examine the extent of poverty that prevails among the marginal farmers in the rural Haryana. More specifically, the proposed study will concentrate on the following Objectives : -. 1. To estimate the per Household and per capita income level of the M.F. 2. To compare and contrast the relative shares of different sources of income in the composition of the total income of households. 3. To study the effects of the main factors on their income levels 4. To estimate the per house-hold and per-capita consumption level of marginal farmers. 5. To compare and contrast the relative share of different item of consumption expenditure in the total consumption expenditure. 6. To assess the extent of poverty prevailing among the M.F. by taking into consideration per-capita income and consumption. 7. To study the composition of assets and liabilities oi’ marginal farmers.

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