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Sambalpur University (1992)

Land alienation and depeasantisation in Orissa A case study

Mohanty, Bibhuti Bhusan

Titre : Land alienation and depeasantisation in Orissa A case study

Auteur : Mohanty, Bibhuti Bhusan

Université de soutenance : Sambalpur University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sociology 1992

The study is divided into ten chapters. The first chapter projects the problem of the study and its significance. The second chapter contains the review of the existing relevant literature with objectives and hypotheses. In the third chapter the conceptual framework of the study has been outlined. The fourth chapter covers methods of data collection, analysis and interpretation. The land-labour relationship of Sambalpur from precolonial to post independent period have been explained in the fifth chapter. The sixth chapter provides a detailed comprehensive account of the village studied which includes its history, pattern of settlement, demographic composition, occupational structure, economy, resources, etc. In the seventh chapter types of land, cropping pattern, types of labourer,rate of exploitation of labour and nature of both formal and informal credit structure have been dealt with. The existing patterns of agrarian inequality and its association with the power structure have been analysed in the eighth chapter. In the nineth chapter the nature, extent and the intensity of land alienation and depeasantisation have been examined. The last chapter deals with an overall generalization of the findings of the study and this follows with a few suggestions relevant to policy implications.

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