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Solapur University (2019)

A Geographical Analysis of Water Resource in Solapur District

Nayab Zainab A. R.

Titre : A Geographical Analysis of Water Resource in Solapur District

Auteur : Nayab Zainab A. R.

Université de soutenance : Solapur University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography 2019

The water is a basic resource on the earth for all living beings including mankind and the development and survival of plant community. Environmental processes of biosphere are also regulated by water. Evidence of importance of water is found in the form of human settlements near water. Availability of water motivates development, whereas absence of water leads to destruction. Last century, man has exploited this resource very fast for various activities, as a result of which many water scarcity areas of the world have comes up as hot spots of water crises. Water being excelsior of life, would be very soon a scarce atom in future. So to keep the life in existence in future, water should be available in clean, pure form and in sufficient quantity. Water is basic necessity of our life. We cannot survive without water. Water is used everywhere for drinking, washing, bathing, irrigation, cooling, manufacturing etc. It is the universal solvent. At present human being is the most superior species on the earth, who has kept himself in existence by using various resources from the nature. But with the rapid increase in the population and by encroaching and misusing, the natural resources have come to almost an extinct. Among which water is the one. (G. K. Ghosh 2002). The sources of water that we get for our consumption are mainly from rain, rivers, ponds and lakes. Groundwater is also important source, largest water bodies that are seas and oceans but they have salty water which cannot be used for consumption

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