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Sri Krishnadevaraya University (1991)

The geography of agriculture of Cuddapah district Andhra Pradesh


Titre : The geography of agriculture of Cuddapah district Andhra Pradesh

Auteur : Penchalaiah,T.

Université de soutenance : Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography 1991

The present study is made to bring out a synthesized account of the regional geography of agriculture of Cuddapah district which is essential to understand the main problem and constraints that hinder the development of agriculture in the district. To provide a comprehensive plan for the development of agriculture in this backward and drought prone district, the present study examines and evaluates the changing spatial pattern of various agricultural phenomena.

To be more explicit, the present research study includes, 1. spatial distribution of rainfall, rainfall intensity, rainfall ratio and rainfall variability, 2. drought occurrence, intensity, spread and frequency of drought years, 3. the soil types, soil formingenvironment, soil problems, potentials and management, 4 assessment of surface and ground water potentials, water balance and utilisation pattern and water management, 5. spatial pattern and dynamics of landuse, landuse orientation and agricultural landuse efficiency, 6. changiing distribution pattern of crop farming, 7. identification of crop combination types, crop regions and the measurement of crop diversification, 8. measurement of the trend in the yield levels of principal crops with the help of regression equation.11 9. types of livestock and their spatio-temporal distribution and development, 10. study the pattern of landuse, land capability, croping pattern and crop productivity of selected sample villages to understand the ground truth information about the structure of agriculture at micro level, 11. assessment of the impact of rainfall on various agricultural phenomena viz., water balance, arable landuse, crop distribution and crop yield levels and 12. problems of agriculture and suggestions for appropriate agricultural planning in the district.

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