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Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2019)

O Processo Político de Construção das Políticas Públicas para as Alterações Climáticas

Silva, José Carlos Martinho da

Titre : O Processo Político de Construção das Políticas Públicas para as Alterações Climáticas

Auteur : Silva, José Carlos Martinho da

Université de soutenance : Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Grade : Mestrado 2019

Antropogenic climate change is an environmental problem on which public policies and international treaties of great relevance have been developed since the 1990s. The weight of this problem in political and media agendas has been increasing in several nations, including Portugal and the European Union (EU). Indeed, the EU is now one of the main mobilized and mobilizer agent, acting on policies on this issue, with robust public policies implemented in the context of the Kyoto Protocol and other decisions taken in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The most recent and ambitious international action promoted under the Convention took place in 2015, the Paris Agreement, but was received by a renewed and structured opposition, namely that of the United States of America (USA), which with its departure from the Agreement, unleashed unpredictable developments that are currently the cause for great concern and controversy, thus intensifying the questioning of this problem, which over time has grown and consolidated politically into a design of public policies with strong implications in different economic, social and geopolitical areas of the different nations and regional groups represented in the Convention. This work tries to approach the political problem as a process, and to develop a sociological analysis based on the theoretical framework of the field theory of Pierre Bourdieu. The focus of this work was to understand the beginning of this political process, eventually laying the groundwork for a later study that reaches its different phases, until its present moment. Thus, a research method was developed based on the content analysis of a corpus composed by documents produced in legislative hearings in the context of the first political approaches on this issue : the USA congress in the decades of 50-60. Finally, i sought not to resctrict my perspective to the political field, but also to look into the scientific field, given that it was the social field where the Climate Change problem firstly originated, and to understand the dynamics, transformations and internal and external struggles that shaped the developments in the political process of the public policies for climate change.

Mots clés  : Alterações Climáticas Políticas Pública Processo Político Teoria de Campo Climate Change Political Process Field Theory Public Policy


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