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UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft (2009)

Performance evaluation and improvement of Angereb water treatment plant ""Gondar""

Tadege, B.D.

Titre : Performance evaluation and improvement of Angereb water treatment plant ""Gondar""

Auteur : Tadege, B.D.

Université de soutenance : UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2009

Problems of providing safe and sufficient water to urban people in developing cities areincreasing with the increase in population. Due to migration of people seeking employmentopportunity in the town, the population of Gondar town increased rapidly resulting in a muchhigher water demand.The conventional type surface water treatment plant of Gondar town is core of water supplysystem needed for about 210,000 people living in the town and the surrounding peri-urbanareas. Source of surface water is the Angereb impounding reservoir. The Angereb dam wasconstructed for water supply in 1986 in Angereb River, being a tributary of the Blue Nile. Inaddition, boreholes along the Angereb river valley serve as additional sources.Soil erosion in the catchment of the Angereb watershed contributes sedimentation to reservoir which has lost a substantial amount of its storage capacity. Moreover, pollutants from theupstream settlements make the treatment process inefficient and costly. Poor operation and maintenance practices are also the main causes for the unreliable water supply of the town.The treatment plant is currently running out of its optimal capacity and produces drinking water at higher cost. So the main problems to be addressed are insufficient water output, poororganisational setup and costly treatment processes.Unfortunately, as these problems were growing worse, no performance evaluation andrehabilitation measures were undertaken. Therefore this MSc. study is dealing with aperformance evaluation of the water treatment plant. The findings have lead to proposals toimprove efficiency of the plant after implementation of the measures recommended.These proposals are divided as immediate and low cost proposals, short term proposals and longterm proposals, which can be implemented in two phases to improve the efficiency of thetreatment plant. It also recommends further actions and researches that will ensure sustainablewater supply.

Sujets  : water treatment plants performance evaluation Water quality


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