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Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) 2020

Casablanca, Coexistence of Contrasts

Boudouaya, Oumkaltoum

Titre : Casablanca, Coexistence of Contrasts

Auteur : Boudouaya, Oumkaltoum

Université de soutenance : Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Grade : Master 2020

The Slums phenomenon is a global and ethical challenge that hinders the well-being of cities. The vast majority of these areas are located in and around cities of the Global South because of the fast urbanisation and globalisation trends that have been met with insufficient employment, infrastructure and housing opportunities. This graduation project will explore new slum development alternatives through the lens of circular economy principles. The main focus is to elaborate holistic proposals and strategies that reject eviction and resettlement processes and aim for social, spatial and economic integration. Taking the case of Casablanca, Morocco, the project takes as a starting point the existing assets of les bidonvilles* which potentially, will lead to better approaches for tackling the challenge of slums at the local and metropolitan scales while developing contextualised circular economy guidelines.

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