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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2021)

Geology and Archeological Heritage :

Abdelaty Salman Mohamed El Sankary Mohsen Saleh

Titre : Geology and Archeological Heritage : Giza Pyramids and El Kharga Oasis Areas, Egypt

Auteurs  : Abdelaty Salman Mohamed El Sankary Mohsen Saleh
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2021-01-31
Pages : 164

This book represents a broad understanding and applications of Earth Science in the integration of geology and archeology. The studied geological phenomena can be applied in minimizing the natural hazards on some monumental sites in El Giza Pyramids Plateau and El Kharga Oasis, Egypt.In El Giza Pyramids Plateau it is found during this study that the main hazards are controlled by rocks and foundation bed instability due to the presence of weak zones as a result of faulting and fracturing effects. Some of these faults could be of capable type. Moreover, the presence of karstification phenomena and caving due to the combined effect of the geologic structural pattern, type of sedimentary rock units, groundwater circulation, rains, humidity, and surrounding environmental polluting agents are forming other hazards.In Kharga Oasis, it is found that the natural hazards have remarkable impacts on the archeological features. The impact of weathering processes, the encroachment of sand dunes, the stability of foundation beds, and shallow groundwater seepage were documented. This indicated that humidity, temperature, and water content conditions seem to be favorable for bio gradation.

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