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Suresh Gyan Vihar University (2019)

A Study of Farming and Marketing Strategies for Seed Spices in Rajasthan

Padam Bhusha

Titre : A Study of Farming and Marketing Strategies for Seed Spices in Rajasthan

Auteur : Padam Bhusha

Université de soutenance : Suresh Gyan Vihar University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mangement 2019

Résumé partiel
The History and Culture of Indian Spices is most likely as old as human progress. All the heavenly Vedas like Bible and the Quran are altogether loaded up with references immediate or circuitous – to Indian spices. Spices constitute a vital gathering of horticultural items. Spices are the pearls of creating nations. Particularly in the event that we take our nation which is honored with immense agro-climatic zones, India keeps on being the biggest maker, buyer and exporter on the planet. Rajasthan with its immense land region of 342 lakh ha has accomplished the status of being the biggest territory of India. The state speaks to 10.4% of the aggregate land mass with 5.5% populace of the nation. Be that as it may, the extent that situation of cultivation in the state is concerned, it is loaded with potential as the assorted agro climatic conditions are particularly supporting growing a huge no of agriculture crops like organic products, vegetables blooms, therapeutic plants and extraordinarily the Spices. In the immense parched and semi-bone-dry zones of Rajasthan the development of herbs, the seeds and product of which are utilized as spices (usually called seed spices), holds an uncommon position. These are among the bunch of products that can flourish under such agro-climatic conditions, require less money and have high market esteem. Clearly, in this way, Rajasthan have earned the reputation of being the country’s "seed spices bowl" anyway these yields are produced in various states also. Rajasthan is driving in the generation of coriander, fenugreek and carom seed (ajwain). Spices crops like coriander and ajwain including cumin and fenugreek are generally traded to the outside nations like Srilanka and Dubai.Seed Spices crops are extensively created in the dried and semi dry region of the country covering a domain of about 3.54 million hectare and production is about 7.08 million tons (Spice Board India, 2015-16). Out of a total area and production in spices, seed spices contribute about portion of outright district and 20% of production of spices in the country. The area under seed spices is about 1.78 million hectares and 1.48 million tons. cumin (8.08 lakh ha) and coriander (6.2 lakh ha) overall set up about over 80% of supreme seed spices of our country. Seed spices expect an immense activity in our national x economy because of its gigantic neighborhood use and creating enthusiasm for passage. The full scale charge of seed spices is worth of more than Rs 2800 crores consistently out of which cumin alone contributed more than Rs 1900 crores. In India, seed spices are generally created in Rajasthan, Gujarat other than Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and a couple of segments of South India. Both Gujarat and Rajasthan speak to about 80% area and production in India

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