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Università Politecnica delle Marche (2014)

Architettura della pianta e fertilità dell’olivo in alta densità


Titre : Architettura della pianta e fertilità dell’olivo in alta densità


Université de soutenance : Università Politecnica delle Marche

Grade : Dottorato 2014

In the last decades oliveculture has through deep changes phase, orienting itself to high density cultivation systems. However these systems although guarantee o lost of advantages, many problems rest open. Between these many importance have the widen of cultivars and the improvement of the growing rate control. The present thesis-work has been carried out on traditional olive cultivars in high density conditions and has pursued the objectives of evaluation of favorable traits related to intensification process, return bloom of plants subjected to different orchard management criteria and finally the valuation of flowering process scaling. Results of first experimentation shows cultivars with favourable characteristics potential compatible with the requirements of high density orchards like as good initial growth rate, homogeneous branching pattern along axis and reproductive precocity. By results of second trial it was possible observe that a fractioned and punctual water-nutritional management during growing season, was translated, for cultivars majority, into greatest growing rate and shoot fertility. Finally by third experimentation, it was possible outlined a flowering process scaling that grants centre-distal portions of shoots that lets imagine an hypothetical position advantage with respect to basal portion. Moreover also at cultivars level seem that flowering pheno-phases progression was conditioned by shoot position on crown tree.


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