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Politecnico di Milano (2015)

A desert calling. A museum of experience about the desert


Titre : A desert calling. A museum of experience about the desert


Université de soutenance : Politecnico di Milano

Grade : Laurea Magistrale 2015

Museum is a complex communication system. It has four items functions : collection, research, exhibition, and education. In people’s traditional impressive museum is just to “collect series of cultural relics and display them”. The main reason to cause this impression is that many museums ignore the abundant culture behind the collections, as well as their annoying forms of display. The participation and the amusement of a project are the main approaches to improve interests and to experience the culture. It carries out expressing the theme of culture through innovational design and virtual realism technology, thus lead the museum into a new age of interaction, to enthusiastic people’s interests, hence, reach the aim of science popularity. Now the information technology is in the process of change in the relationship between museums and visitors. Use well the modern scientific technology to highlight the items on display, the display of practicality and digitalize will be the major trend. This paper will introduce the science and technology apply to the museum, provides visitors with a manifold and complex spatial experience, let the visitors cannot only get knowledge through visiting but also keep what to learn into a booklet. Not only forests and oceans are called natural. The desert is also a part of nature. Desert is less known to people because of its not-so-close to people.For most of us the word “desert” reminiscent of images of the barren wasteland, vast, parched, dry stretches inimical to live. Nevertheless, for a great series of biology, may be even richer than those organisms inhabit forests, the desert is a haven and a home.


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