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Politecnico di Milano (2016)

Intervention strategy for an emergency context : the case of Gaza strip


Titre : Intervention strategy for an emergency context : the case of Gaza strip


Université de soutenance : Politecnico di Milano

Grade : Laurea Magistrate 2016

The theme of our thesis is the study of a territorial emergency context to identify the possibility of architectural intervention that contains consequence of the analysis made. The primary purpose is, to establish a type of emergency with related to necessaries and then to propose an intervention a strategy at territorial level, for a specific area, and a hypothesis for practical project The context of the study considers of all the Gaza Strip which is located in the Palestinian territory, across from Mediterranean Sea on the Israel coast. Today this area has a very delicate political situation that has a major impact on people’s lives. The first part is giving information about the knowledge of the territory from the political and urban point of view through the various historical periods that have occurred and that have contributed to the current situation. Then we analysed the life, customs and culture of the Palestinian population with a special focus on the architectural aspects of their homes and commercial buildings in order to fully understand their cultural aspects and the architectural characteristics of the territory under consideration. The following chapter we did analysis on what the main problems are that the citizens of Gaza face daily life ,from a territorial point of view, as the economic problems due to the blockade imposed by Israel ; the consequent lack of drinking water, electricity ; the inadequacy of the infrastructure , education and health systems and the serious problem of ‘accommodation. Then, when we focused on the eight refugee camps, that are located on the entire Gaza Strip, we saw that they have the same problems with the Strip, but but in a more accentuated manner. Refugee camps are hosting more than a million people. The accommodation crisis is predominant within these refugee camps who can not provide accommodation in a growing part of the population who left their homeless. The problem of overcrowding and lack of adequate services is becoming more day by day. Identifying the problems of the Strip and the main emergencies, the lack of accommodation and vital services, we defined some intervention strategies at the local level, particularly the redevelopment of five areas along the main axis which runs through the Gaza Strip in its central part. The last part of the thesis is containing the study and development of one of these five areas, called the airport area.


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