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Politecnico di Milano (2017)

Recovery of environment of the Ziri wall in Granada, Spain


Titre : Recovery of environment of the Ziri wall in Granada, Spain


Université de soutenance : Politecnico di Milano

Grade : Laurea Magistrate 2017

Starting from the premise that culture is a key to sustainable urban development and that heritage management should be integral part of it, the project proposal brings conceptual, programmatic and spatial transformations to the area of the Ziri wall, a zone in the oldest neighborhood in Granada, Spain. This area is witness of many transformations of the city during history, and contains elements of its identity, both tangible and intangible. Even though it is recognized as important heritage of the city, it is closed for the citizens, abandoned and in degradation. The project is proposing revitalization of the environment of the wall, creating interventions in two levels. First one is opening the area to the city, converting its surrounding walls into permeable borders instead of limits. The second one is creating a theme, unique concept that unifies the area from one extreme to the other one, followed by programmatic strategies in order to strengthen the identity of the place. Finally, by connecting all the elements of the area, and the area itself with the rest of the city, the intervention that respects history, identity and culture of the place, brings added value to the urban landscape, allowing people the appropriation of place.


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