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Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (2014)

Introducing Efficient Waste Water Treatment and Re-Use Techniques in North Cyprus

Gunes, Lutfiye

Titre : Introducing Efficient Waste Water Treatment and Re-Use Techniques in North Cyprus

Auteur : Gunes, Lutfiye

Université de soutenance : Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Grade : Master of Landscape Architecture 2014

Résumé partiel
Due to its geographical location Cyprus has semi-arid climate. This fact makes water more vital and vulnerable. For all of its time Cyprus has had a lack of and low quality water, if we count the yearly average rainfall 500 mm. Rainwater coming from the Trodos mountains on the South side (largest mountain range of Cyprus-peak 1,952 meters), with the Besparmak mountain and Girne mountains on the North side, is collected in big tanks and distributed to the public. However for many years water has been supplemented to NC from Turkey with tanks and balloons. In summer time people still have water shortages. “Water became more vital during last 20 years in all parts of the world. It is estimated that two billion people in the world live in areas with extended water shortages” (Duraiappah, 1998). In addition to water scarcity, water pollution is a problem that has affected every continent of the world (Sampat, 2000). Another enormous problem in Cyprus is the negative effects of developing tourism close to the sea. There are 220 accommodation complexes in TRNC and this number is increasing every year. According to official numbers, TRNC had tripled its tourist capacity in 10 years. Apart from its positive effect on the economy, unfortunately there are negative effects too. Due to lack of efficient technology, many hotels (especially located near the sea) have been, and if we don’t prevent it ; will still discharge their waste water directly into the sea without and/or lack of any treatment or refinement. This stands as a big problem for the endangered marine habitat (for example “caretta caretta”, “Cheloina mydas” to name two). It is not only harming the habitat but also affects tourism in a negative way due to its dirty and blurry view of the sea. A number of samples taken from the sea near the “Rocks Hotel & Casino” have been analyzed by a private laboratory and the results determined that the e-coli bacteria in the water are much more than it should be.


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