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Universidade do Minho (2016)

The Place(s) of Health Tourism in Iran : Hammams in Isfahan

Kazemi-Zahrani, Zahra

Titre : The Place(s) of Health Tourism in Iran : Hammams in Isfahan

Auteur : Kazemi-Zahrani, Zahra

Université de soutenance  : Universidade do Minho

Grade : Tese de Doutoramento em Geografia - Especialidade em Geografia Human 2016

The role of places in shaping health activities and bathing experience has relied on traditional beliefs, religion and socio‐cultural images in the past. Currently there is a need to study the places of health as well as traditional Islamic baths, hammams, in Iran in order to develop them for the purposes of tourism and the revival of traditional activities. This thesis studies the connection between place, health and tourism in Islamic cities and in Isfahan, Iran, in particular. The terms of attachment to place, which is of interest to health, gender, region and physical setting is discussed and concerns regarding the physical and emotional experiences and bonds of people and tourists. It looks at the places of health and their potential connection to the Iranian tourism sector and conducts the study with emphasis on the multiple dimensions of hammams in Isfahan city such as their main architectural features, their role in health, society, religion and culture. Therefore the thesis points to the need for a thorough investigation of historical hammams in the city of Isfahan with the focus on tourism among the various stakeholders. This would mainly include a survey of different conservations, functionalities or heritage revival of the three existing historical hammams in the city, analysis of their characteristics, recent uses and also looks at their involvement for contemporary tourism. Moreover, the thesis analyses one of the two hot springs in the Isfahan province, Vartoon hot spring nearby the city with historical value, which has a new development project for promoting the health/spa and tourism sector.


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