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Univerzitet Singidunum Beograd (2017)

The effect of desertification on agricultural products in Libya

Hassan, Mohamed Ahmed Salih

Titre : The effect of desertification on agricultural products in Libya

Uticaj dezertifikacije na poljoprivredne proizvode u Libiji

Auteur : Hassan, Mohamed Ahmed Salih

Université de soutenance  : Univerzitet Singidunum Beograd

Grade : Doctoral thesis 2017

A large part of the Earth’s surface is made up of deserts that have spread rapidly over the last several decades. Unlike the natural process of gradual expansion or alteration of the arable desert, accelerated desertification is the result of human reckless and unsustainable action. According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the desert is a reduction or destruction of the biological potential of the land, which may ultimately lead to conditions similar to deserts. Desertification or desertification is one of the aspects of widespread ecosystem deterioration due to the fluctuation of unfavorable climatic conditions and excessive land exploitation. The subject of research in this paper is to determine the impact of increasing desertification on agricultural production and the most important agricultural products in Libya. The great natural increase associated with limited natural resources in Libya (especially water resources and fertile soil), as well as major changes in the precipitation regime, without any doubt, will lead to intensified desertification in the future. A greater number of inhabitants will affect the increase in water deficits in response to the increase in demand for water for households, as well as for industrial and agricultural purposes. After considering all the negative impacts of the desertification on agricultural activities, it is necessary to create conditions for mitigating these impacts and, if possible, eliminating them altogether. Desertification can be suppressed, but joint efforts at all levels are needed, as well as national and international plans and policies, adequate resource management, the application of adequate technologies, and large financial resources. Sustainable agricultural production can not be achieved without the efforts to slow down the desertification process, without adapting agricultural production to climate change, as well as without modernizing existing agriculture by introducing modern agro-technical measures.


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