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University of Novi Sad (2018)

A Study of Single Family Housing in Libya

Shahran, Abdrahman

Titre : A Study of Single Family Housing in Libya

Истраживање индивидуалног становања у Либији

Auteur : Shahran, Abdrahman

Université de soutenance  : University of Novi Sad

Grade : Doctoral Thesis 2018

The aim of this study is to analyze different types of traditional and contemporary homes in three different geographical areas in Libya – the coastal region (Tripoli), the mountainous region (Gharyan), and the desert region (Ghadames) – in terms of the suitability of cultural, social and climatic conditions, as well as to investigate how to take advantage of the traditional elements of single family housing in contemporary design solutions. The study includes the analyses on the impact of construction, planning guidance for building, construction materials, structure, distribution of internal arrangements and their function, roof, and openings, followed by conducting a field survey of the houses from home and abroad, and finally, taking pictures of houses and interviewing the residents of those homes.


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