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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (2020)

Artificial Regulation on Configuration of Nitraria Roborowskii and Its Effects on Windbreak and Sand Fixation


Titre : Artificial Regulation on Configuration of Nitraria Roborowskii and Its Effects on Windbreak and Sand Fixation

Auteur : 王祯仪;

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2020

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

Land desertification is one of the serious global ecological environmental problems and the bottleneck of regional socio-economic development.Vegetation construction is an effective way to control desertification but the shortage of available water resources is a limiting factor for vegetation construction in desert areas.In order to improve the survival and conservation rate of vegetation in desert areas,and to solve the contradiction between vegetation growth and the shortage of available water resources,in this paper,the configuration of Nitraria roborowskii was studied after the artificial regulated by effects of plant endogenous hormones on changing the spatial morphology,increasing the plant root-crown ratio,promoting the water retention capacity from the above ground,and reducing the transpiration loss.Furthermore,the vegetation coverage in the sandy area and the ability of wind protection and sand fixation were improved.Besides,the application concentration,application frequency,and action time of the plant growth regulator by artificially regulating the ecological configuration and changing the spatial morphology of desert shrubs based on reducing water consumption were studied.The morphology,physiology and biochemistry,nutrients,roots,residues and degradation characteristics of Nitraria roborowskii were measured in order to cultivate the plants of short,strong,and root-developed and select the best application methods for improving the configuration.This not only provides a theoretical basis for reducing the amount of application and improving efficiency but also provides technical support for the targeted cultivation of resistant seedlings in arid and semi-arid areas.In order to explore the structural parameters of high-efficiency shrubs with wind-proof and sand-fixing and well understand the influence mechanism of shrubs on wind-sand movement,the effects of regulated shrubs with the different configurations on wind-resistant and sand-fixation in a wind tunnel experiment was further studied.It also provides a reference for the establishment of standard parameters for the ideal configuration of artificially regulating sandy shrubs.The results show that:The plant growth regulator not only reduced plant height,crown length,leaf length,leaf width,fresh weight and dry weight with above-ground,and it could promote the base diameter,crown width,leaf number,leaf thickness,root length,root average diameter,root surface area,root volume,root branch strength,root tip number,fresh weight and dry weight with roots.However,the high frequency(four times)would weaken the promotion effect.Besides,root diameter levels below 0.1mm responded most strongly to plant growth regulator.

Mots clés : Artificial regulation; Nitraria roborowskii; Configuration; Plant growth regulator; Wind tunnel experiment;

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