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East China Normal University (2020)

The Vernacularized Home


Titre : The Vernacularized Home

Auteur : 叶宁;

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2020

Université : East China Normal University

Résumé partiel
The basic conception of home is the fixed place for the gathering of kinship.With the vicissitude of times,the clashes of cultures and the acceleration of mobility,fixation is not the only configuration of home,into which multiple modalities have been infused.In the development of Australian drama,the conception of home threads through the play works at various stages,ranging from the nostalgia for mother land in the import of British and European plays in the colonial period,the attachment to the bushes in the image of bushman after the founding of the Federation to the mature urban drama since The New Wave in the 1960’s.The request for belonging in contemporary Australian drama is suffused with the exploration on the conception of home.Home could be fixed physical space,the mental maintenance of ethnic groups or the location of the individual in the expansive universe.Home could be the departure of observation in feminism,the follow up of the ethnic issues and the node in the interconnectivity between individual and the world.In this sense,all the meanings induced by the conception of home is the highlighted representation of identity construction in Australian drama.Since 1980 s,Australia witnessed unprecedented reconfiguration in terms of nation conception,social ethnic formation and policies,international alliances and globalization.The impact of the shock as well as the chaotic aftermath of September 11 intensifies the new cultural transformation in western countries at the beginning of 21 st century.The effect of all the transformations renders the feature of vernacularization in the exploration of home in Australian plays.Homi Bhabha proposed a vernacular cosmopolitanism in his observation on the marginal culture in post-colonialism.This marginality is full of vernacularization and embedded a spiritual autonomy of a revered ideal.Sneja Gunew further points out a vernacular cosmopolitanism in Australian post-multicultural writing which foregrounds the marginal groups.Thus the observation is based on the inter-relation and fusion of cultures around the globe is a significant representational form of the embodiment of cosmopolitanism.The conception of vernacularization is the sublimation of the universality in terms of times and space.In the context of Australian culture during the time under consideration,the weakening of European effect and the paradox of the American democracy in the name of the war on terrorism rendered an adjustment to Australian identity construction which is transformed to a critical and multimodal vernacularized formation.In the examination on the trajectory of the forms of home represented in Australian drama since the 1980 s,this dissertation intends to propose that this vernacularization is related to the uneven space of Australia,the dynamic fusion of multi-ethnics and the cultural fracture on humanity and the world

Mots clés : Australian drama; vernacularization; cosmopolitanism; border-crossing; multiplicity

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