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Huazhong Agricultural University (2020)

Impact of Agricultural Policy on Major Crops in Egypt

莫塔兹(Moataz Eliw Mostafa Ahmed);

Titre : Impact of Agricultural Policy on Major Crops in Egypt

Auteur : 莫塔兹(Moataz Eliw Mostafa Ahmed);

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2020

Université : Huazhong Agricultural University

Résumé partiel
Egypt’s agricultural policy passed through various stages during the period(1981-1985).The agricultural sector suffered from governmental intervention policies,including determining areas to be cultivated with each crop,underpricing of agricultural products,and marketing of agricultural products,export,and import of farming crops,isolating domestic prices of farm commodities from world prices.As of the mid-1980 s,economic reform policies started to be implemented.The agriculture sector has been the first sector in the national economy to implement economic reform policies and market mechanisms.As a result,agriculture has moved to a free-market economy.Hence government intervention in price policy has been abolished,prices of the agricultural commodity have been liberalized,and the private sector started to import,export,and agrarian market inputs.By the late 1980 s,Egypt’s agricultural sector has been acting according to the strategy of market mechanisms.Economic decisions related to production,pricing,marketing,and production inputs have been liberalized.And since economic reform policies usually come in the form of a package of interrelated policy programs.So,implementing such policies usually leads to the emergence of a successive series of impacts on the revenues and production costs of some crops as one of the methods used in quantitative analysis of agricultural policies.In addition,the agricultural price policy represents great importance in the national economic structure in general and farming projects in particular.Where it aims to reduce the wide fluctuations in prices and agricultural incomes.Besides,realizing a certain level of income for farmers and achieving stability so that farmers can put their future production plans safely.Agricultural price policy aims to achieve optimal relations between agricultural and nonagricultural prices.Moreover,hence agricultural and non-agricultural incomes.In most cases,agricultural prices are determined based on current supply conditions,which is naturally affected by lagged price levels.It is,in turn,leads to continued price fluctuations.It is well known that the unfair prices of agricultural commodities represent an obstacle to agricultural economic development.Accordingly,it is necessary to develop an agrarian price policy that integrates with the comprehensive economic development policy.

Mots clés : Agricultural Price Policy; Food Security; Egyptian Economy; Government Intervention; Egypt;

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