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Shenyang Agricultural University (2020)

Effects of Drought Stress on Growth and Grain Traits of Soybeans


Titre : Effects of Drought Stress on Growth and Grain Traits of Soybeans

Auteur : 杜艳丽;

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2020

Université : Shenyang Agricultural University

Résumé partiel
The source-sink relationship of soybean will change with the progress of growth and development.Drought stress during vegetative growth and reproductive growth period can seriously affect the growth of soybean by regulating the source-sink relationship,and eventually lead to the decline of yield and quality.Therefore,it is of great significance for soybean production management and yield improvement to study the effect of drought stress in different growth periods on soybean source-sink relationship and its regulation mechanism.In this study,three soybean cultivars with similar growth period(Shennong 17,Shennong 8,and Shennong 12)were used for pot experiment,and the soybean plants were treated with drought at seedling stage and reproductive growth stage,respectively.This study was used to evaluate effects of drought stress on photosynthetic physiology,sucrose distribution and metabolism,nitrogen accumulation and metabolism,antioxidant capacity,dry matter accumulation and distribution,and yield formation of soybean during different growth periods,to analyze soybean grain transcriptome under drought stress,and to elucidate the soybean molecular and physiological mechanism in response to drought stress.1.Under drought stress,the reduction in shoot biomass was more pronounced than the reduction of biomass in the root of two soybean cultivars,resulting in higher root/shoot(R/S)ratio.Drought stress can increase the contents of soluble sugar and sucrose in leaves and decrease the content of starch.However,soluble sugar,sucrose and starch contents were significantly increased in the root system.Drought stress can significantly increase the activities of enzymes related to sucrose metabolism in soybean leaves and roots,including sucrose phosphate synthase(SPS),sucrose synthase(Su Sy),α-amylase and β-amylase,and up-regulate the expression level of genes related to sugar metabolism enzyme activity.Furthermore,the expression levels of sucrose transporter genes(Gm SUC2,Gm SWEET6,and Gm SWEET15)in leaves and roots of soybean seedlings were up-regulated(by 2.92-10.79 fold)under drought stress.Drought stress induced the increase of Sn RK1 and HXK gene expression level of soybean sugar signal sensor.In conclusion,our results highlighted that the increase in R/S ratio caused by the changes of sugar allocation,metabolism,and transport under drought stress contributed towards drought resistance of soybean

Mots clés : Soybean; Drought stress; Sucrose metabolism; Nitrogen metabolism; Transcriptome;

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