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UKAID Department for International Development (R4D) 2002

Food aid commodity warehouse training in the Sudan

Food Aid Warehouse Training

UKAID Department for International Development (R4D)

Titre : Food aid commodity warehouse training in the Sudan

Pays : Sudan Geographic Area : Khartoum,El Obeid

Projet de recherche pour le Développement

DFID Programme : Rural Livelihoods Advisory and Support Services Commission (ASSC)

Organismes de mise en œuvre  : EuronAid

Durée : Start Date : 30-11-2002 — End Date : 18-12-2002

Objectifs  : To conduct a 3 day training programme for 25 participants from 7 local NGOs in food aid commodity management. The overall objective being to improve the operational performance in terms of efficiency and efficacy in the delivery of food aid commodities. Specifically, participants will understand the need for effective quality assurance systems in the food aid pipeline, and will discuss the technical and operational factors identified prior to the training. On completion of the training, which will be assessed and evaluated, the participants will be able to identify deficiencies in their current operations and be able to instigate improvements including the flowdown of training to more junior staff. The vulnerability of livelihoods of large parts of the population in The Sudan is exacerbated by the recurring natural disasters and instability of the political and socio-economic infrastructure. [Poverty = Vulnerability x Disaster]. The Sudanese NGOs have become important partners of the major donors with regard to the delivery of emergency and development aid. In the process empowerment is bestowed on civil society - an important facet in the development process. Much of the food aid is being aimed at enabling vulnerable households to move to more sustainable livelihoods.

he UK supplies food aid to The Sudan through both bilateral programmes using NGOs and through multilateral programmes such as the EU. Food aid commodities, mainly cereals viz. wheat, have of necessity to be stored under difficult conditions (both managerially and climatically). For political reasons, NGOs plays crucial role in food aid delivery in The Sudan. EuronAid is the arm of the EC which seeks to support NGOs in their warehousing and delivery of food aid. It organises and facilitates a range of financial administration and accountancy support workshops and training activities, but significantly, has no expertise in food warehouse management. EuronAid recognises the experience, skills and competence of the NRI to provide this expertise. The local NGOs will meet the full cost of their participants’ attendance at the training programme. EuronAid will provide administrative support, contribute to the costs of hiring the venue, catering and field visits. EuronAid will ,meet the full costs of travel and subsistence for the NRI trainer. ASSC funds are being sought for NRI staff costs for DJ Walker and Sub-contractor costs for NRI Associate.

Total Cost to DFID : £4,952

Présentation : Recherche for Development (R4D)

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