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Cash Crop Halophytes : Recent Studies - 10 Years after Al Ain Meeting

Springer Netherlands

Titre : Cash Crop Halophytes : Recent Studies - 10 Years after Al Ain Meeting

Editor (s) : Lieth, Helmut, Mochtchenko, Marina (Eds.)
Publisher  : Springer Netherlands
Date de parution : 2003
Pages : 254

This volume is a landmark in the development of the of pilot plantations in order to demonstrate the eco­ halophyte ecology research and development for the logical sustainability and the economic feasibility of saline irrigated production systems. following reasons : This book is intended to provide starting points for 1. The volume brings together contributions from work at several levels of research from physiology many countries from which otherwise little infor­ through chemistry and practical applications to taxon­ mation is available in the international literature. omy and floristic analyses. The volume is structured in this way and shows the different approaches possible 2. The volume summarises through individual con­ in different parts of the world limited by the interest of tributors the state of research possibilities in many the local scientists, laboratory and monetary resources developing countries. available or suggested by the type of information 3. The volume documents the latest work by the mem­ needed for further studies. bers of the European Union’s Concerted Action Towards the end of this book we report on the initi­ Group "Sustainable utilisation of halophytes in the ation of the new scientific society dealing with the Mediterranean and subtropical dry regions". problems to be solved to create new cash crop halo­ phytes which is very much needed for the immediate 4. The volume reports contributions from the work­ future in many developing countries with desert or shop held at the beginning of the EXPO 2000, semi desert climates.

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