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Fenugreek - Biology and Applications

Springer Singapore

Titre : Fenugreek - Biology and Applications

First comprehensive volume on fenugreek and its biology
Covers the crop including agronomy, genetics, and pharmacology
Elaborates on the medicinal applications of the crop
Chapters contributed by key scientists who work on fenugreek

Editor (s) : Naeem, M., Aftab, Tariq, Khan, M. Masroor A. (Eds.)
Publisher  : Springer Singapore
Date de parution : 2021
Pages : 578

This contributed volume brings together an inclusive collection of information about the medicinal crop fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum). Fenugreek is one of the medicinal plants important in the management of diabetes and contributes greatly in the alternative systems of medicine. These beneficial properties of fenugreek are covered in here. Further, this book explores the agronomy, biotechnology, genomics and biochemistry aspects of the crop. This book is of interest to teachers, researchers, agronomists and biochemists. Also, the book serves as additional reading material for graduate students of agriculture and pharmacology. National and international agricultural scientists, policy makers will also find this to be a useful read

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Page publiée le 20 juin 2021