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Grid Planning in the Urban Design Practices of Senegal

Springer International Publishing

Titre : Grid Planning in the Urban Design Practices of Senegal

Offers a unique focus on urban grid-plans in Africa and the global South
* Provides an in-depth study supported by rich visual images
* First book framing Senegalese grid-plans and historiographic traditions

Author (s) : Bigon, Liora, Ross, Eric
Publisher  : Springer International Publishing
Date de parution : 2020
Pages : 210

This book is the first to trace the genealogy of an indigenous grid-pattern settlement design practice in Africa, and more specifically in Senegal. It does so by analyzing how the precolonial grid-plan design tradition of this country has become entangled with French colonial urban grid-planning, and with present-day, hybrid, planning cultures. By thus, it transcends the classic precolonial-colonial-postcolonial metahistorical divides.

This properly illustrated book consists of five chapters, including an introductory chapter (historiography, theory and context) and a concluding chapter. The chapters’ text has both a chronological and thematic rationale, aimed at enhancing Islamic Studies by situating sub-Saharan Africa’s urbanism within mainstream research on the Muslim World ; and at contributing directly to the wider project of de-Eurocentrizing urban planning history by developing a more inclusive, truly global, urban history.

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