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Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness in Iran

Springer Singapore

Titre : Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness in Iran

Brings together for the first time research papers from the three main domains in agribusiness
* Provides an up-to-date overview of Iran’s sustainable agriculture and the challenges faced
* Presents an extensive range of case studies from different regions of Iran that can be applied in the agricultural policy making process

Editor (s) : Rashidghalam, Masoomeh (Ed.)
Publisher  : Springer Singapore
Date de parution : 2019
Pages : 187

This book presents a collection of ten empirical studies on Iran’s sustainable agriculture and agribusiness, grouped into three domains : agricultural prices and commodity market analysis ; risk management and climate change ; and natural resources and environmental economics. The various studies elaborate on sustainable agriculture, climate change, pest management, natural resources, land-use, agricultural marketing, risk management and insurance in Iran’s agricultural sector. The book also introduces the key microeconomic principles that are applied to agriculture from a suitability perspective, and provides policy recommendation to decision makers and agricultural-product producers. As such it serves as a supplement to textbooks on applied economics, agricultural and environmental economics, and offers students and professionals in agricultural economics, resource economics, risk management, and food policy as well as general economists real-world examples of the principles under discussion. Further, it includes an extensive range of case studies from different regions of the country, which could be applied in agricultural policy making process, making it a useful resource for agricultural planners and decision makers in government agencies.

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