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AV Akademikerverlag (2018)

Carrying the weight of inequality : the Women Porteadoras

Teresa Iglesias Lopez

Titre : Carrying the weight of inequality : the Women Porteadoras Case study of the porteadoras at the border between Ceuta and Morocco

Auteur (s)  : Teresa Iglesias Lopez
Editeur  : AV Akademikerverlag
Date de parution : 25-04-2018
Pages : 156

Thousands of Moroccan women, called porteadoras, are crossing the border daily to the Spanish enclave Ceuta to bring bulks of merchandise back to Morocco. Carrying it on their back, bearing not only the weight of the goods but also the weight of the degrading and humiliating conditions of their job, the women are subjected to a constant violation of their human rights on the doorstep of the European Union. This cross-border trade between Morocco and Spain has been taking place on a significant scale for many years now and is tolerated by the authorities on both sides of the border. Its so-called informality practically has all the features of formality. How has this informal trade developed, why has it become such an established practice and what could be done to improve the porteadoras’ situation ? This book presents answers and recommendations, spotlighting an important issue and advocating for dignified working conditions for the porteadoras.

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