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Scholar’s Press (2019)

Courtyard Solar Design Principles and Studies

Yehia Wazeri

Titre : Courtyard Solar Design Principles and Studies

Auteur (s)  : Yehia Wazeri
Editeur  : Scholar’s Press
Date de parution : 2019-07-30
Pages : 56

Présentation _ This book presents two studies conducted by the author, in order to identify some aspects of the inner courtyard design of traditional Islamic houses as well as modern ones. The book contains three chapters as follows : Chapter one : Reviews the most important design principles of the courtyard previous studies, especially in hot dry areas. Chapter two : Is a comparative study conducted by the author on three courtyards of traditional Islamic houses of the Ottoman era in Cairo, to determine the shaded area and the quantity of direct solar radiation (on 21 June & 21 December) fall on walls, floors and openings of these courtyards. Chapter three : Is a study conducted by the author to find the best choice for the openings overlooking the inner courtyard at latitude 24 degrees north. The benefit of the results of the previous studies about inner courtyards design of contemporary buildings makes it easier for the designer to reach scientific solutions in order to achieve the thermal comfort of the buildings users.

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