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Our Knowledge Publishing (2021)

Chadian women and Socio-political commitment


Titre : Chadian women and Socio-political commitment

Auteur (s)  : Nako MAMADJIBEYE
Editeur  : Our Knowledge Publishing
Date de parution : 2021-04-04
Pages : 72

Chadian women are participating in the construction of the country and of democracy. They show real commitment at the social and political level. During the political unrest, Chadian women paid and continue to pay the highest price. However, this commitment is not recognized. Every year, we have to wait for the national women’s week to hear women’s praises. Outside of this period, they face with their bare hands discrimination at the institutional level, verbal and physical violence coming sometimes even from the agents of the public power. Serious issues related to women such as the family code, the question of parity are little evoked except on initiatives of the partners of the State.This book highlights the achievements of Chadian women on the political and social level. They are the driving force of economic and social life and even politics. The treatment reserved for them is in the form of a favour, whereas they deserve more consideration and courageously face their destiny in a country where sexism is considered a joke and not a crime.

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