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Our Knowledge Publishing (2021)

Spatial dynamics of floods in the Far North of Cameroon

Simplice Du-clair Tiotsap Kénné

Titre : Spatial dynamics of floods in the Far North of Cameroon

Auteur (s)  : Simplice Du-clair Tiotsap Kénné
Editeur  : Our Knowledge Publishing
Date de parution : 2021-03-30
Pages : 132

Civil protection institutions and disaster risk management policies exist in Cameroon. However, losses due to hydro-climatic disasters are estimated to be in the billions of CFA francs each year in the northern regions. This work attempts to contribute to the understanding of adaptation strategies in the face of spatial dynamics or recurrence of floods upstream of the Maga (Kai-Kai) reservoir and to propose the most appropriate solutions for sustainable adaptation and effective protection. The methods of Natural Sciences and Social Sciences coupled with participatory research techniques were used for the following results : firstly, the sedimentation of the Maga lake influences the topography of the zone and causes the backflow of water upstream. This main explanatory factor of the phenomenon is associated with human action at the scale of the BV. Then, a major issue emerges because of a vulnerable population. In addition, public actions are ineffective. Nevertheless, the populations try to find local solutions that are insufficient. Hence the proposal here of technical and socio-economic solutions.

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