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Our Knowledge Publishing (2021)

Agroforestry Systems based on Moringa oleifera in Niger

Younoussou Rabo

Titre : Agroforestry Systems based on Moringa oleifera in Niger

Structural and Functionality of Agroforestry Systems

Auteur (s) Younoussou Rabo
Editeur  : Our Knowledge Publishing
Date de parution : 2021-01-25
Pages : 176

The valleys of the Niger River and the Goulbi de Maradi are the main production areas of Moringa oleifera in Niger. In these valleys, M. oleifera is associated with market gardening, thus forming real agroforestry systems. The objective of this study is to carry out an in-depth analysis of the structures and functions of these systems. The study shows that in both valleys agroforestry dominates, with mosaic and intercropping being the most common forms of association. These systems include nine (9) and seven (7) vegetable crops respectively in the river valley and in the Goulbi de Maradi with S. melongena being the dominant crop in the river valley and L. esculentum Mill and A. cepa in the Goulbi de Maradi. On the other hand, the treatments applied had an effect on the leaf biomass production of M. oleifera, but not on the yields of S. melongena (aubergine), B. oleracea (head cabbage) and A. cepa (onion).

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